Frequently Axed Questions

Can I get a custom bot username?

For now, no. Custom bots are a staple of BenBot, but I've had to back off from allowing custom bots for the time being as I work heavily on revamping BenBot's infrustructure. Existing custom bots are not affected by this change.

For casual users, you can still pick from the list of default bot names. If you desparetly want a custom bot name, you can attempt to reach me on Twitter or by email (see the "About" page) and I'll set up a bot for you. I will eventually go back to accepting custom bot names as usual in the future.

How do I do all of the things?

By default, all features are turned off. BenBot's philosophy is to keep it simple and clean by default, and allow you to configure it to your heart's desire.

To get you started, here's a rundown of the common commands you may want to use use:
!command <set/del/list> - Add, remove, and list custom commands.

!repeat - Allows you to configure commands that run themselves every once in a while.

!bans - This command will allow you to tweak what gets banned in your chat.

!permit {name} - Exempt a user from the bot's bans for three minutes.

!friend {name} - Permanently exempts a user from the bot's bans.

!announce <followers/join/part/updates> - Configures whether the bot announces new followers in your chat, new viewers, viewers parting, and bot updates. e.g. `!announce followers`

!quotes <add/delete> - Add & delete quotes.

!setstring {string} [message ...] - This command can be used to change the bot's default responses, such as when you gain a follower or when the bot bans someone. See here for a list of locales that you can change.

How do I customize follower messages, ban messages, and other things?

You can customize most of the bot's responses by changing "locales". The list of locales can be found here!

!setstring warn.caps Hey, stop spewing out caps, [[name]]!

Why does the bot keep telling me that it's updated?

When a new version of BenBot is released, the bot will tell you at the beginning of your stream once. If you don't want this, you may turn it off with this command:
!announce updates

Is there a dashboard for configuring the bot?

Yes! However, it is still quite early and doesn't allow you to do a whole lot just yet. It also contains overlays that you can use for follower notifications on your screen.
Log into the BenBot Dashboard here
Register an account if you haven't already here

What does "SauceBen" mean?

It was a pun on the old Twitch bot called "SauceBot". BenBot had already been taken on Twitch, so I used sauceben instead.