Note: If you do not want the bot to announce every time the bot is upgraded, you may turn off the announcement with this command: !announce updates

Release v3.3.2 (2016-10-01)

Ohai! It's the first non-patch update since January! This update is huge, but only under the hood. Plenty of new feature are in the works, and are already implemented but require more testing before I make them live, so this appears to be a small update on the surface. It's more exciting for me than anyone else. But hey - it means more exciting things coming in the future!
  • Support for Beam's new Constellation protocol
  • Hosting notifications and tweet-outs for Beam
  • Small improvements to URL ban filters
    • Fixes to URL bans (no longer bans over a certain Overwatch character's name)
    • Fixed permitted domains from still banning
  • Acknowledges Beam's "new" character limit for messages (320 characters)
  • ... and plenty of under-the-hood changes for future updates.
  • Plenty of small, various bug fixes
  • Foundation for brand new dashboard for the future!

Patches through 2016-03-10 to 2016-03-14

  • Added !ai allow <everybody/moderators/disable> to change !talk command permission
  • Updated BenBot to use Twitch new chat servers

Patches on 2016-03-09

  • New command: !clear for clearing chat
  • Logs update more frequently now

Patches between 2016-01-29 and 2016-03-07

  • New command: !talk for interacting with CleverBot
  • !chuck command should only output clean jokes
  • Many easter eggs... too many easter eggs, actually
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed unicode characters breaking logs page on Dashboard
  • Removed Google TTS options since they no longer work
  • Fixed Last.FM polling not working (should fix !song)
  • Other bug fixes
Things Nobody Cares About
  • New reporting system for me to watch errors and stuff
    • Pretty great
    • Lots of features
    • For my eyes only, though!
  • Async HTTP Request system
  • Better event system - more efficiency
  • Reduced thread count significanty
  • Removed all signs of avatars on Dashboard for performance reasons
    • All ticks for every channel performed on one thread!
    • Other threads removed as well
  • Mr. Burns

v3.3.1 (01/28/16) @ 9PM

  • New command: !delete {name} [amount]
  • New command: !raided {name}
  • Whisper support for Beam.Pro
    • Prefix custom commands with /w to whisper response, or /whisper {name} to explicitly whisper a specific person
    • !set whisper to make bot use whispering as a response to specific commands, such as !balance or !sparks
  • Small improvements to the classy filter
  • !forbid ban algorithm is more intelligent, no longer case sensitive, and accepts multi-word blacklists
  • Better performance
  • Fixed avatars being broken
  • Fixed Song Request player not functioning
Other Bug Fixes
  • Fixed over 8 commands crashing for unexpected reasons
  • Fixed URL filter catching ellipses (e.g. "I played was good!" would ban the user for typing a URL)
  • Fixed users not recognizing as moderator on Beam
  • Fixed tweet new followers posting broken Twitter handles on Beam.Pro
  • Fixed autotweet-stream not functioning at all
  • Many, many other small bug fixes

Combined Patches between 2016-01-15 through 2016-01-18

  • New target: [[raffle:followers]] for randomly picking a viewer who is also following. Ignores moderators, streamers, etc.
  • !sparks [name] for viewing other people's sparks
  • !multistream command updated to use
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed giveaway not working

Combined Patches between 2016-01-01 through 2016-01-14

MANY small patches have been made since the launch of 3.3 to fix bugs and implement small, new features.
  • New command: !moderators for showing an up-to-date list of all moderators on a channel. BEAM ONLY.
  • New command: !banned for showing an up-to-date list of all banned users on a channel. BEAM ONLY.
  • Auto-post new followers to Twitter now attempts to use their @Twitter handle if associated with their Beam account
  • Fixed !points command, renamed to !sparks! (now shows sparks, experience, instead of points)
    • !sparks is aliased to !points and !experience
  • Over 15+ other bug fixes
  • Fixed keyword raffle
  • Fixed uploading & playing follower sounds for overlay
  • Fixed editing quotes from dashboard causing Internal Server Error
  • Fixed dashboard being completely broken for Beam users
  • Subtle dashboard design changes

v3.3 (12/31/15 @ 6PM)

Happy New Years! The final BenBot update of 2015. It's gonna be a good one.

v3.2.11 (12/12/15 @ 1:30AM)

v3.2.10 (12/01/15 @ 6PM)

Purely behind-the-sccenes update. If you're interested:

v3.2.7 (11/14/15 @ 12:30PM)

v3.2.6 (11/10/15 @ 9PM)

v3.2.5 (11/04/15 @ 9PM)

v3.2.4 (10/17/15 @ 12PM)

v3.2.3 (9/11/15 @ 1AM)

v3.2.2 (8/29/15 @ 3:40PM)

Just a small little update to provide some much-needed polish and a couple long-requested features.

v3.2.1 (8/22/15 @ 1PM)

v3.2 (8/14/15 @ 11PM)

v3.1.14 (7/30/15 @ 10PM)

v3.1.13 (7/23/15 @ 11PM)

BenBot now has GoFundMe support, and more! YIRGGY

v3.1.12 (7/13/15 @ 8:15PM)

Big bug fix update. Has lots of awesome stuff.

v3.1.11 (6/6/15 @ 2:18AM)

v3.1.10.2 (6/2/15 @ 5:27PM)

Note: A small patch, v3.1.10.1, was pushed a few hours later to fix a few quirks and to add the !chuck command. v3.1.10.2 was pushed on June 3rd.

v3.1.9.3 (5/22/15 @ 1:26AM)

v3.1.9.2 (5/18/15 @ 11:35PM)

v3.1.9 (5/15/15 @ 5:48PM)

v3.1.8.1 (5/13/15 @ 11:26PM)

Note: A quick patch ( was pushed afterwards to fix some bugs with the tickets and add the !sleep command.

v3.1.7 (5/11/15 @ 9:03PM)

v3.1.6 (5/6/15 @ 8:14PM)

v3.1.5 (5/2/15 @ 3AM)

Mostly a bugfix update, and some stuff to help me maintain the bot in the future.

v3.1.1 (4/24/15 @ 10:04PM)

Huge bugfix update, but with lots of new features too.

v3.1 (4/13/15 @ 7:41PM)

The ban update. Features lots of new ban algorithms and features to help aid moderation. And eggs. Lots of eggs.

v3.0.3 (4/01/01 @ 9:05PM)

10:31PM Quick update: Resolved issue with bot resolving humans as useless and trying to kill them. Apologies for any inconceivable inconvenience this may have caused.

I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do. This bot is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

v3.0.2 (3/24/15 @ 11:50PM)

Small little patch to fix some bugs and add some features that I missed out on the big 3.0 release.

v3.0.0 (3/22/15 @ 6:19PM)

Hooray. This is a big update, and it introduces support for BenBot. Beam is a new streaming service, and it's fantastic.
Among that, we have plenty of new features and commands, and some extra polish here and there:

v2.1.7 (3/06/15 @ 3:39PM)

v2.1.6 (3/02/15 @ 2:30AM)

v2.1.4 (2/10/15 @ 4:16AM)

v2.1.3 (2/07/15 @ 4:49AM)

v2.1.2 (1/29/15 @ 4:02PM)

v2.1.1 (1/20/15 @ 5:55PM)

v2.1 (1/8/15 @ 4:36AM)

v2.0.5 (1/02/15 @ 4AM)

v2.0.4 (12/31/14 @ 6PM)

v2.0.3 (12/29/14 @ 2:33AM)